Payment Information

Payment Options for Assessments

Pay Online- Schedule Recurring Payments or Make One-Time Payments (E-check or debit/Credit Card*) – Go to Make a one-time payment via card or electronic check using Pay Now or use the enhanced registration features to set up a flexible payment schedule and wallet. If you chose to pay by online bill pay or pay by credit/ debit card, you will be given the option to register in order to make payments. Simply fill out the required information on the registration page to set up a user name and password. Once you are registered, you will be directed to set up your account. Be sure to set up your address and account using the information on your payment coupon. Be very careful to enter the information exactly as it is printed on your payment coupon. Click on “the question mark symbol – (?) – to view a sample coupon” to see where to find the ID numbers. The association ID may have zeros in it- you need to enter those zeros exactly as they are on the coupon. You will need your checkbook or your credit card depending on which payment plan you chose. Fill in all the
appropriate information for the bank or credit card account you would like to use to make your payment. Finally, set up your payment using “One-Time Payment or “Manage Scheduled Payment(s).” This allows you the option to have your payments made automatically or initiated by you each payment due date. To change your payment method or review a payment history, just access your account using your user name and password. It is important to allow 5 business days for payments to post to your account.

Sign-up for Direct Debit through the Association— Complete and sign the Authorization for Direct Debit form and return it with a voided check to the CVI office.

If your association has monthly assessments, use the Monthly Direct Debit Authorization
For Hickory Hollow Community Association, use this Annual Direct Debit Authorization
For Pines Community Association, use this Annual Direct Debit Authorization

Setup “Bill Payer” Service through your Personal Bank — Contact your personal bank and set up a recurring payment to the association by providing them with the account information found on your payment coupons. Be sure to get a clear understanding of your bank’s timelines for processing of bill payer payments to ensure your assessment is received by the Association on time.

Mail Payment Coupon and Check — Submit a check with a payment coupon in the window envelope provided. Your payment will be processed at a dedicated lockbox in Phoenix, AZ and credited to your account electronically.

*Convenience fee charged by CABanc for debit and credit card payments only.

Contact CVI

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Did You Know

Maryland law requires homeowners association and condominium owners to disclose specific information regarding the community and their property upon resale including, but not limited to, all official association documents, covenants and restrictions, a statement of fees and/or assessments of the association, a statement of any outstanding rule violations, and more.